Cigarette fume has swallowed the air in your room like somewhere in Dante’s hell. Only a year ago in a similar gloom here I sat blithely stroking your hand… But this hour looking bored and surreal with your hands neatly tucked in your pockets you look well-prepared for a Spanish adio I can tell – […]

Here I am – yours, completely im-perfect! I am boring sometimes and banal, Bookworm and a film-watching addict I am never – yours, simple or dull. Like a swallow I’m all black and white, I’m your vocal nitpicking critic – Even when I’m wrong I am right! I’m – your tender and caring eccentric. Haven’t noticed? […]

a crowd holding signs above their heads: 10+ show more sexy fuck

Yesterday’s Somerset House outdoor film viewing of Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) and a view of a shirtless Ryan Gosling’s chest welcomed by a loud wave of excitement expressed by a mainly female audience triggered this urge to question our society’s take on female monogamy. Since about the age of 21 I have been interested in observing my own […]

Now how about that. I have enjoyed the film. Not sure if I enjoyed Jude Law more though. Honestly, his struggle was not realistic. His posture ever so perfect – not suitable for a man in great distress with his entire life crashing around him, even if the man has a doctorate in psychotherapy. But […]

I have been fortunate enough to get a subscription for New Statesmen. It is a remarkable British magazine known for its representation of various views on politics, society, economy, arts, science, for that matter. It doesn’t follow the trend of many publications picking a side – left or right. It is a magazine, and not […]

How many times have you heard the term western lifestyle? I lost count, but its meaning became crystal clear only this morning. I have discovered that a western person is happier when they have more sex than their peers, drinks more beer than the rest of the world and dies prematurely, well, it seems from […]

We are always told the more you learn the better, the better school you go to the better, the better person you meet the better, the more friends you have the better. And our twenty first century is about making it easier for those of us who have access to Google, Wiki, Facebook, Twitter, Okcupid, […]

“Estimates show greater labor activity among women with a bachelor’s degree in a field other than arts and humanities; those with graduate degrees; those in higher-level occupations such as management, science, education and legal; and women who are not white.” There was a very interesting study conducted. The results caught my tearing up eye early […]

So, to develop the subject of health and food from last week let me share some fascinating insight. Fresh from the research lab on three interesting things: German beers and their high levels of a metal (arsenic), cells that smell food in your blood, heart and lungs and about something in red meat that increases […]

I have been trying out the ever-so-popular healthy (sort of) life for about a month now. Must admit some bits of this rather strict and often TV-unfriendly lifestyle diet are OK, some are even enjoyable. For example it’s actually fun and interesting to eat food of different colours – purple aubergines, green avocados, red apples, […]